Finding Your Designer Watch

If you are looking to buy a designer watch and you are after the latest style trends for your time piece then look now further. What I will be writing about in todays post is where to go to and where to locate your perfect designer watch you are after. Before purchasing your watch you must find the one you like first. There are lots of ways in which you can find designer watches, but one of the best ways to find it is by searching the web.

gucci watch


With web searching, you can be precise on what sort of design or style of watch you are after, you can even add in the location of where you would like the watch to be. The web search method is ideal to save you time and money to locate a new watch. Other alternatives are going to visit watch retailers and seeing the watch in store available for purchase. Ordering online is the quickest and most easiest way to purchase your new designer watch, you can also get your watch delivered to your house too.

Jewellery In The Midlands

If you are on the hunt for fine jewellery in the Midlands, then that is perfect, I am here to guide you to the best place to go to in the midlands for fine jewellery and lots of it too all in one place. Right now your thoughts may be really? Where is this place? What is it called? Hurry up and tell me I want to know. I can assure you that I will be covering all these queries within this post.

The one place you should go and visit is the jewellery quarter. The jewellery quarter is the only place you should go when it comes to buying high end luxury jewellery. The quarter has built a solid reputation over the past years and it is now the centre of fine jewellery.

wedding rings birmingham

The jewellery quarter also offers an array of diamond wedding rings as well as other popular jewellery such as engagement rings and watches. Wedding rings in jewellery quarter have been one of the most popular pieces of jewellery to be bought and found in this one place. This is the reason why I am telling you guys to make sure you go and visit this wonderful place for jewellery.

Annoying Pests

I was very embarrassed by the fact that my house was infested with ants and had been like this for a few days until I took professional action. The reason why I was so embarrassed was because I have very good house keeping, everything is dusted and cleaned and as far as I know it is clean. The infestation all started when I saw 3 ants in my living room. I just guessed they somehow got into my home because they are only tiny little things and have managed to get lost and are struggling to find their way out. So instead of killing them I decided it would be a good idea just to pick them up and put them outside where they belong. Later that day I saw more. Then the next day I saw even more and it gradually got to a state where I knew it wasn’t normal.


At this point I called a pest control in walsall to come down and deal with the problem. They acted quick and efficiently and I was very pleased with their service.

What Caused My Asthma To Flare

I recently noticed my asthma being set off and getting worse and I wasn’t sure why and what was causing it. I had asthma since I was a little child, they say you can grow out of it as you grow older but unfortunately for me, mine stayed the way it was, I even think it has got slightly worse. I usually do not have a problem that is that noticeable with my asthma but recently I  noticed my asthma started to get triggered by something and it was only getting triggered in my home.


I was every concerned about my health and I certainly did not want to trigger an asthma attack. For this reason I called a health inspector o investigate what it was that was causing my asthma to flare. It didn’t take him long to conclude that is was because of my air ducts. He asked me when the was the last time I got my air ducts cleaned. I replied saying I haven’t. This is when we both agreed that air duct cleaning was required and it what was causing my asthma to flare.

Tidying Up My Office

I thought it was time I had a tidy up in my office and I thought I should clear out all my important business documents (the ones I no longer need).  There were a lot of client confidential documents I needed to dispose of but I didn’t think it was worth the risk of just throwing them in the bin just incase there is that slight chance it may end up in the wrong hands and then I somehow get sued. I know this sounds like a long shot but I just didn’t want to rink it. Because they were confidential documents I needed a way in which I could dispose them in a way which they are unreadable and un usable.


I thought about burning them but that is very unpractical and a very bad way to deal with it so I decided on buying a paper shredder. I wanted to buy a cross cut shredder because that way the documents will be shredded into thousands of pieces and it would be virtually impossible to piece together. I found my shredder online at

Do You Care About The Environment?

If you are like me and you like to care about the environment you probably would want to know more ways in which you can help the environment and make it a better place for us to live on. One way in which we help the environment is dealign with sewage, just imagine if we didn’t deal with sewage, the roads would be covered in our waste and this would cause numerous diseases and illnesses and would eventually cause hundreds even thousands of deaths. This i why dealing with sewage is a  very important way in which we humans help the environment.


Sewage treatment plants are usually where all our sewage is directed to. These plants are large industrial plants which monitor sewage and purify the sewage so it is safe to release into the environment again. Another way in which sewage is treated is via septic tanks. Septic tanks are usually on site sewage treatment and are usually used by those who aren’t directly linked to a sewage line. How they work is by slowly breaking down the sewage so it can be dripped into the ground beneath it. Septic tanks can also be found in construction site, woodland areas and poorer areas.

Converting My Loft

I have put some serious thought about converting my loft recently. The reason why I want to convert my loft is because my loft is a part of my home that never gets seen or used and is basically a waste of a good open space. This is one of the only reason why I wanted to convert my loft.


I had a look at some design ideas on which I can implement in my loft conversion if I was to get it and I found some really good ideas. I was inspired by some of the modern look of the loft conversions and decided Iw anted to have a very nice clean modern look to it. I knew that having aloft conversion and completing it would take a very long time which I do not have an issue with. I just need to find a company now that will be able to convert my loft professionally and do it in the style that I would like and that is the modern more simpler look.

Branching Out

I went to visit my uncle at his restaurant because I haven’t seen him in a long time and I tough it would be a good idea to catch up again and see how his business is running and how life is treating him etc. It has been so long and there was so much to talk about but we did have a good time and the catch was great.

promotional pen

He has a restaurant based in Birmingham and it is very successful. He told me he had plans to branch out in to other areas of the nation and asked my opinions on it. Obviously i am no businessman but I did say it does seem like a good idea. The more areas you cover the more attention you will attract to your business and it should start to build a solid reputation for itself, if he can manage it. he also showed me his new business cards and promotional pens he recently got made. They were very nice and smart. The business cards where amazing completely unique.

The Guide To Office Supplies

When it comes to having the perfect office there are many office supplies you will need. Some of which are important and some of which that aren’t so important, you still need them nonetheless.

I know there is no such thing a perfect but believe me when I say that these supplies are pretty much essential for an office.

To have a fully equipped office i not only essential it is ideal for you to work efficiently and successfully. Some of the things you will need are:

  • A selection of different colour pens
  • A4 Sheets of paper
  • Computer/Laptop
  • Sticky notes
  • Pencils
  • Printer
  • Rubbish Bin
  • Filing Cabinet
  • A good quality desk
  • Calendar
  • Clock
  • Paper shredder
  • Phone

The things listed above are some of the essential things you will need for a successful office. Some are more important than others and they aren’t listed in order of priority either. This is just a guid to help those who are unsure on what a good office should contain or for those who are looking to buy new things for their office but are stuck on what to buy.

Cleaning My Whole Home

I recently decided to give my whole house a clean. I keep up with the cleaning anyway but for some reason I had the urge to just completely clean every part of my home. I have some issues with keeping my home clean I think it is OCD but I am not sure.

The reason  why I wanted to make sure everything is clean is for peace of mind. knowing that my house is clean form every part makes me happy because I know there isn’t any issues with my home.

While I was cleaning my home I realised that my ducts where very dirty. I never thought about duct cleaning ever but this disgusted me and left me wondering why didn’t I clean them earlier.  My ducts were full of dead insects, insect droppings, cob webs and i’m guessing bacteria. I tried to clean it myself but the dust and dirt was just unbearable so I called a professional duct cleaning company to help me. They did a fantastic job on cleaning my ducts now my whole home should be clean.

My Break From Sports

I really got into sports again. I have loved sports since I was a child and I have recently been enjoying taking part in various sporting activities such as, tennis, badminton, running and even canoeing. The only reason why I took a break of sports was because the weather wasn’t great and most of the activities I like to do are miles better outside and some of them like canoeing isn’t even possible to do inside.


I started to play a lot of sports again and my favourite sport was and still is, tennis. I have been a fan of tennis since high school when we use to play it then, it was so fun.  I started playing tennis more seriously and entered local competitions and tournaments. While playing one of the matches I strained my back really bad and was sent to hospital immediately. The reason why I was sent to hospital is because you may already know how serious back related pains should be taken due to it being the stem of your body. The hospital then sent me to chiropractors Birmingham for further treatment. Looks like I am going to have to take an unwanted break from sports.

My Blockage Solved

I had a big problem with my drainage in my home. The kitchen sinks drianage wasn’t working and it was impossible for use to use the sink because the water wasn’t going anywhere. I had a look at the piping myself and special drain unblocking substances and a drain unblocking metal wired tool but it didn’t do anything I was so confused as t o what the problem actually was and what caused it to be completely blocked. In the end I gave up and called a professional


I called a drainage specialist to come over the next day to give it a thorough look and see what was the cause of this problem and how he could fix it. He had a look into the underground drainage system and found no problems there then he decided to look into my piping for my sink itself and didn’t find a visible problem for the piping he could see so he decided to take apart the drainage and have a good look. In the end he found the problem. There was a twist in the piping that caused the blockage. He fixed it immediately.

Promotional Pens For My Business

I was in need of some promotional pens for my business. I wanted the pens to be stylish and not usual boring pens. I wanted the pens to be unique and something someone would look at and think wow this is actually a nice pen then go and keep the pens and want to use it more whilst having my business logo and details on it. Why I wanted promotional pens is because I am always after different ways in which to promote myself. business cards are good but they aren’t useful like a pen. Business card often get thrown away or put to a side and forgot about rather than kept and remembered.

promotional pen

I had a look online to see if there is a company who is near me who will provide me with high quality promotional pens and I came across Dr Print. I had a look through the pens on his site and I really like the steel look ones as they look more professional and less boring. I did order some in the end and they should be here soon.

How Do You Like To Relax?

How do you like to relax? Which ever way you choose to relax, it is important you get time for relaxation to restore balance in your life from stresses from the body and mind. There are many great ways to relax, some work better than others but really it all comes down to the person and their body. Relaxation can be anything that soothes your body makes you feel comfortable and free’s your mind.

Luxury Hot Tub

Relaxation can be achieved through controlling your breathing, from laying down in your favourite position, from watching your favourite TV show and listening to music. There are thousands of different ways to relax it all depends on yourself. My favourite way to relax is by sitting in my hot tub. Sitting in my hot tub is the ultimate way for me to completely relax. What I love the most about hot tubs is that they are perfect for relaxing your muscles and mind. The sensation of the warm bubbling water is what makes them simply amazing. I tried many techniques before I realised what my ideal way for relaxation is.

Make A Change

When it comes to heating your home many people are reluctant to change their central heating system to a newer one or even upgrade to underfloor heating. Why, because people are usually afraid of change and are usually happy with what they have and do not want to go through the trouble of installing a new system or may even be worried that the new heating system wont be as good or will cost more, whatever the reason. I am here to prove to you that change is good and is nothing to worry about.


When it comes to heating up your home a central heating system can be very expensive and not as efficient as you may want it to be for this reason you should install underfloor heating.

Why should you install underfloor heating?

This is a good question, underfloor heating has a variety of benefits some of the key benefits are, warm floors, equal heat distribution, low running costs, ideal comfort levels and no maintenance is required.

Still not convinced why not do some research yourself. heres a useful link.

I Injured My Lower Back

If you are having back problems it something you shouldn’t ignore. Having back problems may start of small but can grow it a major problem if left untreated.  If left untreated your back pains could lead you to have serious problems while trying to walk or even worse it could lead to being unable to walk or even worse, it could leave your paralysed.



The reason why your back is so important is because it is the central part of your body that send signals from your nervous system and brain to your entire body parts and ligaments. Your spine is essentially the motor way for your brain signals. So you can imagine it is not good news if you have damaged your spine. This is the reason why if you have serious back related issues then you must get them checked out by the hospital. If the worst comes to the worst the will send you to the chiropractors. I am speaking from experience as I had this problem not long ago and I got sent to a Birmingham chiropractor.

Brief review on underfloor heating

What I will be writing about today is my review on underfloor heating. I have had underfloor heating for 8 months now and I believe thats I have had it long enough to realise the advantages and disadvantages form this heating system.

First of all I want to state some of the fact so its not all opinionated. Some fact of underfloor heating include:

  • You will have warm floors
  • You will have equal heat distribution
  • It will cost you less to run than central heating
  • It is a a lot safer
  • It is completely out of sight
  • It is very easy to install
  • It is very long lasting
  • It also does not need maintenance

Underfloor Heating

These are some of the key facts about underfloor heating and are some of the things that will benefit you the most too.

What I really like about underfloor heating is that my floors are always warm, I never feel like there are any cold spots in my home and I save around 30% on my heating bills. I have the underfloor heating mats installed.

Relaxing In a Hot Tub

When it comes to relaxing theres is only one way I want to relax. and that is in a hot tub. The reason why I love relaxing in a hot tub is because the sensation is just amazing. The warm bubbling water is the best thing about it a long with the seating arrangements. I have had my hot tub for about 6 months now and I don’t know how I could have lived without it.

Luxury Hot Tub

What made me buy a hot tub was that I seen one before at a luxury hotel I went to visit a while back on my holiday to Spain. Ever since then I have always wanted to own one myself. Hot tubs can be very expensive and most of them are. The reason why they are expensive is because they are a luxury and not an item that is needed in your home. When I was in holiday I spent a lot of my time int he hot tub because I thought i will never purchase one myself.

My New Car!

I have had my car for 2 years now and I decided I wanted to get a better car. I was looking to buy an Audi A5 for myself because I really like the design and style of the car, the car itself has a very elegant yet sporty look to it. I live in Lichfield so I needed to find a car dealer near me. I wasn’t after a brand new Audi from the manufacture because to me it’s just a waste of money as the car will just get older and it costs loads more.


Luckily for I found a car dealer who was selling used cars Lichfield. This was perfect for me because it was exactly what I was after and he also had sports cars such as the Porsche 911. I had a long chat to the dealer to let him know of what exactly I required from my car and if he had one available for me. To my amazement he did have the exact car I wanted! The price was great too at £8,500. The car dealer is called cars 2 you UK.


Tailored To Suit Me

I am a 33 year old male who works as a car salesmen. Due to my job and me job role being a salesman I am required to wear a full suit pretty much all of the time. Suits are a part of the dress code at my work and I do like wearing them. I like to wear really smart and slick suits, I don’t like purchasing my suits from normal retailers because of the fitting of the suits and how little variety there is in every retailer. The fitting is on of the main things for me, in order for me to look my best I think the suit should be made to fit my body and not someone else’s.


These are the reasons why I visit bespoke tailors birmingham. To get a suit tailored to fit my body as well as being stylish and different from anything else readily available in retailers.

Can’t Live Without My Hot Tub

I recently went on holiday to Spain, I enjoyed it so much! I stayed at a 4 and a half star resort. The resort had everything I asked for including a luxury on site spa a long with swimming pools and a place for the kids to have a great time to while we relaxing in the evening. What I loved the most was on a tiring evening I use to visit the lovely on site spa, the spa had everything I liked for example, Sauna’s and massaging chairs. My absolute favourite thing to do while I wasn’t out was to relax in the hot tub. The hot tub was amazing, I just loved the sensation of the water and the seating arrangements for ultimate comfort.

Luxury Hot Tub

When I got back from the holiday I was a little disappointed but I got over it. The one thing I missed the most was the hot tub. I decided to search for hot tubs UK because I couldn’t live without it. I came across cheap hot tubs and I purchased one straight away!

Girls Night Out

I was looking for a blue necklace to match my blue dress I bought for our night out. It was for a night out with the girls, we even had a limo booked. The night out was such a laugh, I think I can speak for everyone who went that it was one of our more enjoyable nights of our lives, anyway more about this necklace.


I searched a variety of different jewellers to find this perfect necklace. I didn’t want it to be a cheap necklace I did want to spend good money and getting a fine necklace and in the colour blue. I knew from the start that this wasn’t going to be easy finding a necklace this colour. After a long time struggling to find what I was looking for, I finally came across jewellers in Leicester that had a huge selection of different coloured jewellery. I was so amazed with the overall look and style of their jewellery. They also told me the jewellery I see is hand crafted and made by themselves.

Popular Watches

Designer watches are very popular is todays society simply because a watch not only tells the time, it is essential we know what time it is , it also can represent your personality, your wealth status and can be a very fashionable accessory too.

white watch mens

Designer watches are the the most popular watches of today. The reason why is because designer watches offer unique styles such as, gold, silver, stainless steel and other materials like plastic. With such a variety to choose from you will definitely find a watch to suit you. Watches price range in general aren’t expensive but as you go up the market into designer hand crafted watches they can range up £600,000 plus. Watches can come in mens and women’s ranges, however there are a much wider range for men. Whatever watch you you choose to wear you’ll always know the time.

Why Sewage Treatment is Important

Sewage treatment is an essential process that that is required for use and our planet

What is sewage?

Sewage is waste water. This waste water can come from our toilets baths, sinks wherever there is water that runs of through your drains and twin wall pipes which will then lead to a sewage treatment plant

What are sewage treatment plants?

A sewage treatment plant is a large industrial building that collects our waste water and purifies it breaking it down bacteria and infections, so it is usable again

What is the importance of this process?

Around 70% of our planet is water but hardly any of it is useable or drinkable without ongoing treatment. The sewage treatment also a disease prevention programme and is ideal for our eco system. If we didn’t have sewage treatment plants we would never have enough clean water to use and diseases could spread very easily

Can I help the environment?

Yes you can, there also many ways you can help but here are two:

A household sewage treatment runs of a similar process as an industrial treatment plant and is ideal for your home.

why not store water?

Storing your own water is a great for quick and easy access. One way you can store your own water is through water tanks

Time For a Shopping Spree

I planned a day out with my mates to Birmingham City Centre, to go on a shopping spree because we haven’t been in a very long time, but before we we visited the city centre we decided to pop into the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham and have a browse through some of the jewellers and see what they have to offer. I was pretty much amazed with the variety of jewellery you can find here. It truly is a magnificent place when it comes to fine jewellery.

white watch mens


The reason why we stopped off at the Jewellery Quarter first was because my mate wanted to look at watches for men and I knew that Jewellery Quarter would be the ideal place to start searching for his watch. After quite a while shopping in the Jeweller Quarter we eventually found a watch he liked, I really liked it too and with that we headed to the Birmingham City Centre to continue our shopping spree.

Ways to Relax

Relaxation is essential to live a healthy balanced life. Some of us may not relax at all some of us may relax too much. However, much we relax and which ever way we choose to do so all depends on you as an individual. In This post I will be covering the ways I find works best for me.

 Take a long break!

Chill out! you really need some time for yourself, do things you like to do relaxation isn’t just about laying there it can be anything that makes you happy and you can enjoy doing like sitting and watching TV or eating your favourite snacks.

Listen to some music 

Music is so powerful! Depending on what music you listen to, it can change your mood to fit the music type. Who doesn’t enjoy music?

Relax your muscles and mind

Have a long soak or a shower, it is such a great way to relax your mind and muscles and its refreshing. Another way you can get an even better relaxation are hot tubs are definitely a luxury item and is mainly and is usually associated with those with a lot of money however there are a lot of cheap hot tubs.

Finally Passed Everything!

So I finally finished all of my studies and I really wanted to start learning how to drive. My usual form of travel was to either walk if it were I had to be was close or I would catch a bus. Buses can be unreliable and due to the fact that it has to make so many stops on it’s way it is a lot slower than by car but is much faster than walking. As much as a bus can be an inconvenience it isn’t no where near as expensive as calling a taxi, hence, the reason why I used busses.

Cartoon Car

Whenever I found the free time while I wasn’t having fun I decided to fit in a driving lesson or two. I had a few concerns about driving, like I thought i’ll find it scary and I might really struggle to get use to it all. I found a perfect driving instructor based in a driving school in Birmingham who gave me great tips and was very calm and understanding, he gave me great tips while learning. They also cover driving schools solihull. Eventually I passed! I am so pleased to be on the road like many others!

Unsatisfied with My Old Heating

I have lived in this house for 4 years now it is a relatively new home on a new estate. I love my home and the area I live in but there only one concern that I had, and this was the heating. I always have my heating on and I literally live next to the heater and I didn’t feel like I was getting enough out of my heating. I was tired of my home having cold spots and then having to walk on cold floors was something I hated.

I was looking on ways to increase my heating efficiency in my home and I came across some helpful information that guided me to a solution to my cold spots and cold floor problem and this solution was underfloor heating. What underfloor heating does is heats up your entire flooring and room which is ideal for my cold floors and cold spots issue. It also saves me money in the long run and theres very little maintenance. I am so glad I fitted an underfloor heating system it is worth it!

How to Learn a Language successfully

In order learn a new language it is important you set yourself some goals.  Make sure you set yourself goals that can be achievable within a few months.

Don’t think of a language as a topic you have to learn or you have failed. You can’t fail in learning a language the only failure in not learning a language is if you give up.

Make sure you have your priorities set, as an example what do you want to do first learn how say certain phrases or be able to speak a full conversation with a friend in their native language

If your goal is to communicate with others in their native language it is important to go out and speak to the natives, have conversations and try and learn off them. Don’t just sit at home reading a book on languages for 2 hours. The best way to learn is from interaction.

If you are struggling to find people you can communicate with in the language you desire, then I suggest you try this site this site is just a gathering of language specific crouds

What is Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating is basically just a whole load of piping beneath your floor, warm water will flow through them pipes to heat up your floor and home.  So what this does is basically turns your flooring within your home into a radiator and it will  warm up your entire room from the ground up whilst covering a larger area than standard radiators.


Now you may be thinking, wouldn’t that be unbearable to walk on but it is in fact not true. The underfloor heating system runs warm water so its a warm floor not a boiling hot floor. This an ideal way to warm your entire room while also having warm floors to walk on in comfort.

Some benefits with this heating system is that there isn’t any need for radiators so you will end up having more room in your home to work around. Another benefit is the running cost, the running cost is very low and you will save a lot more money in general.

Start Driving Now

Are you tired of using public transport a lot? Is public transport not as reliable as you expect it to be? Or do you simply want to get to places a whole lot quicker?


If the answer is yes, then I think it might be time you learnt how to drive and pass your driving test now. We all have been there, waiting for the bus for 30 mins in the cold, having to walk to a destination which can be tiring and time consuming. Driving isn’t as hard as you may think and with millions of people on the road these days it’s somewhat natural to drive.  Lessons aren’t cheap and so isn’t the cost of driving itself, but if you look around and do a bit of research before you commit yourself to anything you can usually find a suitable deal that fit your circumstances. If you aren’t put off by the overall costs of driving the benefits out-way the costs by a mile. Driving is fun and convenient and when I was student I found a driving school in Birmingham and passed my test I was so pleased. It felt like I was free and could go where I pleased. The instructor was very nice and helped me all the way. He also has a driving school in Solihull.

Quickest Way To Learn a Language

Learning languages are very difficult and time consuming. You have to be motivated in order to learn a language but it can be frustrating when it seems like you aren’t learning quick enough.

For me the quickest way to learn a language was to go to ring up my tutor when ever I was free off work and had spare time to learn. I use to drive to my spanish lessons and my tutor was great he helped me every step of the way and adapted his teaching to fit my learning style. He gave me little tasks to help me learn more while I wasn’t in his lessons and also used great techniques to help me memorise certain phrases. I learnt a new language in around 2 – 3 months. I was very impressed with myself for learning so fast now I have another language I can speak and that is spanish. So when I meet my grandparents in Spain I will enjoy myself a whole lot more knowing I can speak the native language.

Spoilt for Choice in Jewellery Quarter?

Jewellery Quarter Birmingham is ‘the’ place to go when it comes to finding jewellery, hence the name, but with so many jewellers offering a wide range of top quality jewellery. How do you know which jewellers you should go to? This is where I come in to help you and guide you into only the finest jewellery Birmingham has to offer.

Wether you are looking for engagement and wedding rings, gold jewellery, diamond jewellery or watches for men and women. Design Centre have the biggest and best range. Design Centre Jewellery Quarter offer almost every service you could possibly need. They also offer free watch sizing if you are looking on buying a watch and don’t know the size of your wrists. They also offer free next day delivery when you order online. Ordering is one huge bonus and a service that not many other jewellers offer. Ordering online has great benefits when you want to chose from a wide range of a selected piece of jewellery as jewellers can not fit every piece of jewellery on their premises.

Cold Flooring Issues

hi I am a mother of 3 kids. My kids are aged between 3 – 5 years old. I bought this house I am living in at the moment about 6 years ago. I was really pleased with the house it had everything I wanted including front garden and a decent size back garden too with a perfect kitchen and it also included a spare room which in my eyes was the perfect home. I’ve always walked bare foot at my parents home because they had carpets, but in my new home the whole house was a mixture of floorboards and tiling. This is great because my kids are always making a mess around the house and cleaning is quick and easy however the flooring is very cold to walk on and this wasn’t good for my kids.

The spare room I had converted into a play room and decided to install underfloor heating in that room and around my home. The main reason why I made this choice was because my kids can play freely on the floor without me having to worry about them being cold and I can also walk bare foot around my house again

Serious About Your Relationship?

If you have been in a relationship for a decent amount of time or you just feel you have finally found the right partner and you are looking to get serious with the relationship and you feel you need the right engagement ring but you are struggling to find the perfect one? I was looking for an engagement ring and found my perfect one.


Jewellery Quarter is the heart of the finest jewellery in Birmingham but where do you go to find the best possible jewellery? As far as engagement rings I knew that Goldcraft Jewellery Quarter Birmingham had the best range and the style I was looking for. I was looking for a gold engagement ring  with diamonds around the ring. I found the perfect ring at Goldcraft and I couldn’t have been more happier with my purchase. It was exactly what I was looking for and when I showed my partner the smile on her face said it all. I was so pleased that she liked it. Now I know where to go to get the wedding ring!

Breathe Quality Air

The ventilation system within your premises provides the air you breathe. The quality of the air provided through the ventilation system can be reduced by not keeping the system clean and clear.

Having a ventilation system that isn’t clean can help spread bacteria throughout your premises and is also a perfect habitat for bacteria and mould to grow thats isn’t good for the health of you and others around you. If you own a catering industry it’s even more important you clear your ducts. The bacteria from your kitchen ducts can spread on to the food and that food will spread it to your customers causing major health and hygiene regulations.

To prevent this from happening as well as providing the best possible quality of air I recommend you get your ventilation system cleared out. Clear your ventilation system it is easy. Provide your body with clear air.

Learn to Drive Fast

I’m a student currently studying web design. Due to the location of my placement meant that I have to travel a pretty long distance and get there by relying on public transport. For me the travel was the worst part, I hate buses so I didn’t like catching 3 buses a day just to study so I decide to take driving lessons.  I first had to find a suitable driving instructor in Birmingham.


I finally found an instructor and he was great. He taught me very well and adapted to my learning style while giving great tips. I passed my driving test in 2 months! I couldn’t be happier, traveling isn’t much of a problem anymore now that I’m in control.

What a waste

If you are a farmer and you have a lot of animals you know theres always that one task you never like doing. Clearing up the animals waste. Cleaning up after can be a headache but on top of that you have to dispose of it on your property. This can be a problem because the smell can linger.



The answer to this problem is by simply purchasing a sewage  treatment plant. What this does is it disposes the raw sewage by making into a liquid that is legally allowed to dispose into the sea allowing it to disappear naturally. There is also an option of a septic tank. What this does is it piles the sewage and slowly turn it into a liquid which is leaked into the soil.

Learn a new language

Do you love languages and would you like to learn more languages and expand your knowledge? Learning a new language can be exciting and fun at the same time, it’s a thrill to be able to communicate with someone in their own native language and with that you can learn more through travelling to the country of the language you have just learnt and truly enjoy your time there. Languages are not only good for travel and communication, it is also beneficial. Learning new languages can open doors to new jobs and its a skill you can be very proud off

What is underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating is basically like having a radiator under your flooring.  The way the heating works is it flows warms water through a continuously looped piping underneath your flooring. So what this does is basically turns your flooring into a heater and warms up your entire room from the ground up.  You may think this would be unbearable to walk on but it is in fact not. The underfloor heating system runs warm water so its a warm floor not a hot floor. This an ideal way to warm your entire room while also having warm floors to walk on in comfort.

Making the big step

Have you been in a solid relationship for many years? Or do you think you have found your perfect love and are ready to make your girlfriend your partner for the rest of your life, but you want her to have the best possible wending band that you can afford or you could get her a certified diamond ready to be mounted. Wedding bands are great for simple and elegant wedding rings. You can’t go wrong with a diamond cut. Everyone loves diamonds


If thats the case then you can find great deals on fine jewellery in Birmingham on Goldcraft. The are certified and professional.

Planning The Big Day

When it comes to planning a wedding there are so many thing’s you have to consider doing that you quite simply sometimes can just lose track of where to even get started. There are things you prioritise over others, but remembering and planning each little detail to how it should be can be a lot harder than you think, and some people even go to the lengths such as employing a wedding planner to help them out.

A crucial element is the rings of course, and the other day we were out viewing some wedding rings Birmingham in the jewellery quarter, looking around some of the most prestigious jewellers and manufactures the UK has to offer.

wedding rings birmingham

When you’re shopping around for wedding rings, there are so many options to consider such as platinum, palladium or gold so you can definitely customise to find the ring of your dreams. Take a look today!

Stand Out With a Quality Business Card

When you meet with a new client it is important to have a long lasting impression so that you differentiate yourself from the competition, and make sure you steal any customers away from them.

There are vast amounts of styles, colour schemes and shapes your business card can be, but one thing to try make sure is that it is unique, and represents a little bit about your business, not just your personal details.

printing birmingham

But where do you find such brilliance on a piece of card? We spoke to a company who specialise in printing Birmingham to get a bit of an insight on what makes a quality business card. They told us that having embossed text, a strong logo representation and colour scheme to make sure you have them calling back up straight away!

There’s lots of companies out there offering printing services but it is important to make sure you find a quality one, who has a strong design team behind them to make sure you get the best out of your investment. We strongly recommend a Midlands based firm called Big in Ink, who produce anything from business cards right through to some beautiful in-depth brochures.

Check out their website:

Save Thousands on Your Water Bill

When I was keeping a track on my budgeting for my home I noticed that my water bill was well in excess of a lot of other outgoings, and that it was something I was losing a lot of money on. So I decided to look into options that would help me to cut down the costs of my bill, to give me more flexibility within my spending.

After contacting various water providers there wasn’t solution to my liking, so I decided to invest in a rainwater harvesting system as I thought this would be a fantastic way to help me save money in the long run, by almost completely removing my cost of water as I have set up separate tanks for both garden and home use.

rainwater harvesting


The rainwater harvesting system works through filtering water through a guttering network and it is then divided up into two water storage tanks, which then hold the water for later use. One tank features a UV light in the top of it to kill any bacteria in the water, leaving it safe for drinking and other home uses. The remaining water in the other tank is good for use within my home for purposes such as drinking and washing.

I would strongly recommend a rainwater system to anyone who is thinking about lowering their water bill and becoming more environmentally friendly at the same time.

My Ant Intrusion

I was shocked the other day when I came into my home to find a colony of ants scrawling around on my kitchen floor, I thought it would have been over some food droppings that must have occurred over the weekend. I was quite shocked at how fast they had moved in and they were all over the place, even flying ants!

pest control walsall


After trying to deal with the problem myself using some ant spray and powder, it temporarily removed the majority of the ants, and I thought that would be that. Until the next day to my surprise they had returned!

Instead of acting myself again a found a company offering pest control in Tamworth who a friend had recommended to me having used them before. I got them in to assess the situation, and they found that there was an underlying problem attracting the ants.

They swiftly removed the problem and put in measures to make sure it doesn’t return any time in the future, fantastic service all round.

Check them out over at

Looking For That Perfect Mothers Day Gift?

Mothers day this year is fast approaching so the late rush on deciding what present to treat your mum with is definitely in full flow. But maybe its time to lay off the chocolate and flowers this year and really go for something special to put a smile on her face with a gift she won’t forget.

jewellers in the midlands


But you may be struggling for ideas this year, but we have the solution to your problem. We think jewellery in the best gift to give to someone on a special day. There’s a wide range of items that would make a great mother’s day gift such as gold chains, bracelets or a set of lovely earrings from a range of jewellery shops around the country.

So why not go that extra mile this year because it will be certainly worth it! Think how much your mum has done for you over the years so giving her a gift to remember this mothers day will really make it special.

Saved My Home

I came home the other day to a strange sound as I walked back through the front door, and then noticed one of the hallway lights had gone out – so I went upstairs to investigate. To my dismay I found one of the bedroom radiators gushing out with water and it obviously had been for quite some time as there was a huge puddle left over on the carpet in the room.

After speaking with a friend he gave me the number of a local plumber who he had previously had work done by and strongly recommended him to me, so I gave him a call as I heard they were emergency plumber specialists.

emergency plumbers wolverhampton

Fantastic service from them at they had an emergency plumber out to me in no time and he was extremely efficient in dealing with the problem swiftly. The price was very reasonable and I would also recommend CH Plumbing and Heating to anyone who needs services in Wolverhampton and surrounding areas.

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