Spoilt for Choice in Jewellery Quarter?

Jewellery Quarter Birmingham is ‘the’ place to go when it comes to finding jewellery, hence the name, but with so many jewellers offering a wide range of top quality jewellery. How do you know which jewellers you should go to? This is where I come in to help you and guide you into only the finest jewellery Birmingham has to offer.

Wether you are looking for engagement and wedding rings, gold jewellery, diamond jewellery or watches for men and women. Design Centre have the biggest and best range. Design Centre Jewellery Quarter offer almost every service you could possibly need. They also offer free watch sizing if you are looking on buying a watch and don’t know the size of your wrists. They also offer free next day delivery when you order online. Ordering is one huge bonus and a service that not many other jewellers offer. Ordering online has great benefits when you want to chose from a wide range of a selected piece of jewellery as jewellers can not fit every piece of jewellery on their premises.

Cold Flooring Issues

hi I am a mother of 3 kids. My kids are aged between 3 – 5 years old. I bought this house I am living in at the moment about 6 years ago. I was really pleased with the house it had everything I wanted including front garden and a decent size back garden too with a perfect kitchen and it also included a spare room which in my eyes was the perfect home. I’ve always walked bare foot at my parents home because they had carpets, but in my new home the whole house was a mixture of floorboards and tiling. This is great because my kids are always making a mess around the house and cleaning is quick and easy however the flooring is very cold to walk on and this wasn’t good for my kids.

The spare room I had converted into a play room and decided to install underfloor heating in that room and around my home. The main reason why I made this choice was because my kids can play freely on the floor without me having to worry about them being cold and I can also walk bare foot around my house again

Serious About Your Relationship?

If you have been in a relationship for a decent amount of time or you just feel you have finally found the right partner and you are looking to get serious with the relationship and you feel you need the right engagement ring but you are struggling to find the perfect one? I was looking for an engagement ring and found my perfect one.


Jewellery Quarter is the heart of the finest jewellery in Birmingham but where do you go to find the best possible jewellery? As far as engagement rings I knew that Goldcraft Jewellery Quarter Birmingham had the best range and the style I was looking for. I was looking for a gold engagement ring  with diamonds around the ring. I found the perfect ring at Goldcraft and I couldn’t have been more happier with my purchase. It was exactly what I was looking for and when I showed my partner the smile on her face said it all. I was so pleased that she liked it. Now I know where to go to get the wedding ring!

Breathe Quality Air

The ventilation system within your premises provides the air you breathe. The quality of the air provided through the ventilation system can be reduced by not keeping the system clean and clear.

Having a ventilation system that isn’t clean can help spread bacteria throughout your premises and is also a perfect habitat for bacteria and mould to grow thats isn’t good for the health of you and others around you. If you own a catering industry it’s even more important you clear your ducts. The bacteria from your kitchen ducts can spread on to the food and that food will spread it to your customers causing major health and hygiene regulations.

To prevent this from happening as well as providing the best possible quality of air I recommend you get your ventilation system cleared out. Clear your ventilation system it is easy. Provide your body with clear air.

Learn to Drive Fast

I’m a student currently studying web design. Due to the location of my placement meant that I have to travel a pretty long distance and get there by relying on public transport. For me the travel was the worst part, I hate buses so I didn’t like catching 3 buses a day just to study so I decide to take driving lessons.  I first had to find a suitable driving instructor in Birmingham.


I finally found an instructor and he was great. He taught me very well and adapted to my learning style while giving great tips. I passed my driving test in 2 months! I couldn’t be happier, traveling isn’t much of a problem anymore now that I’m in control.

What a waste

If you are a farmer and you have a lot of animals you know theres always that one task you never like doing. Clearing up the animals waste. Cleaning up after can be a headache but on top of that you have to dispose of it on your property. This can be a problem because the smell can linger.



The answer to this problem is by simply purchasing a sewage  treatment plant. What this does is it disposes the raw sewage by making into a liquid that is legally allowed to dispose into the sea allowing it to disappear naturally. There is also an option of a septic tank. What this does is it piles the sewage and slowly turn it into a liquid which is leaked into the soil.

Learn a new language

Do you love languages and would you like to learn more languages and expand your knowledge? Learning a new language can be exciting and fun at the same time, it’s a thrill to be able to communicate with someone in their own native language and with that you can learn more through travelling to the country of the language you have just learnt and truly enjoy your time there. Languages are not only good for travel and communication, it is also beneficial. Learning new languages can open doors to new jobs and its a skill you can be very proud off

What is underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating is basically like having a radiator under your flooring.  The way the heating works is it flows warms water through a continuously looped piping underneath your flooring. So what this does is basically turns your flooring into a heater and warms up your entire room from the ground up.  You may think this would be unbearable to walk on but it is in fact not. The underfloor heating system runs warm water so its a warm floor not a hot floor. This an ideal way to warm your entire room while also having warm floors to walk on in comfort.

Making the big step

Have you been in a solid relationship for many years? Or do you think you have found your perfect love and are ready to make your girlfriend your partner for the rest of your life, but you want her to have the best possible wending band that you can afford or you could get her a certified diamond ready to be mounted. Wedding bands are great for simple and elegant wedding rings. You can’t go wrong with a diamond cut. Everyone loves diamonds


If thats the case then you can find great deals on fine jewellery in Birmingham on Goldcraft. The are certified and professional.

Planning The Big Day

When it comes to planning a wedding there are so many thing’s you have to consider doing that you quite simply sometimes can just lose track of where to even get started. There are things you prioritise over others, but remembering and planning each little detail to how it should be can be a lot harder than you think, and some people even go to the lengths such as employing a wedding planner to help them out.

A crucial element is the rings of course, and the other day we were out viewing some wedding rings Birmingham in the jewellery quarter, looking around some of the most prestigious jewellers and manufactures the UK has to offer.

wedding rings birmingham

When you’re shopping around for wedding rings, there are so many options to consider such as platinum, palladium or gold so you can definitely customise to find the ring of your dreams. Take a look today!

Stand Out With a Quality Business Card

When you meet with a new client it is important to have a long lasting impression so that you differentiate yourself from the competition, and make sure you steal any customers away from them.

There are vast amounts of styles, colour schemes and shapes your business card can be, but one thing to try make sure is that it is unique, and represents a little bit about your business, not just your personal details.

printing birmingham

But where do you find such brilliance on a piece of card? We spoke to a company who specialise in printing Birmingham to get a bit of an insight on what makes a quality business card. They told us that having embossed text, a strong logo representation and colour scheme to make sure you have them calling back up straight away!

There’s lots of companies out there offering printing services but it is important to make sure you find a quality one, who has a strong design team behind them to make sure you get the best out of your investment. We strongly recommend a Midlands based firm called Big in Ink, who produce anything from business cards right through to some beautiful in-depth brochures.

Check out their website: http://www.biginink.com

Save Thousands on Your Water Bill

When I was keeping a track on my budgeting for my home I noticed that my water bill was well in excess of a lot of other outgoings, and that it was something I was losing a lot of money on. So I decided to look into options that would help me to cut down the costs of my bill, to give me more flexibility within my spending.

After contacting various water providers there wasn’t solution to my liking, so I decided to invest in a rainwater harvesting system as I thought this would be a fantastic way to help me save money in the long run, by almost completely removing my cost of water as I have set up separate tanks for both garden and home use.

rainwater harvesting


The rainwater harvesting system works through filtering water through a guttering network and it is then divided up into two water storage tanks, which then hold the water for later use. One tank features a UV light in the top of it to kill any bacteria in the water, leaving it safe for drinking and other home uses. The remaining water in the other tank is good for use within my home for purposes such as drinking and washing.

I would strongly recommend a rainwater system to anyone who is thinking about lowering their water bill and becoming more environmentally friendly at the same time.

My Ant Intrusion

I was shocked the other day when I came into my home to find a colony of ants scrawling around on my kitchen floor, I thought it would have been over some food droppings that must have occurred over the weekend. I was quite shocked at how fast they had moved in and they were all over the place, even flying ants!

pest control walsall


After trying to deal with the problem myself using some ant spray and powder, it temporarily removed the majority of the ants, and I thought that would be that. Until the next day to my surprise they had returned!

Instead of acting myself again a found a company offering pest control in Tamworth who a friend had recommended to me having used them before. I got them in to assess the situation, and they found that there was an underlying problem attracting the ants.

They swiftly removed the problem and put in measures to make sure it doesn’t return any time in the future, fantastic service all round.

Check them out over at http://e-pestcontrol.co.uk

Looking For That Perfect Mothers Day Gift?

Mothers day this year is fast approaching so the late rush on deciding what present to treat your mum with is definitely in full flow. But maybe its time to lay off the chocolate and flowers this year and really go for something special to put a smile on her face with a gift she won’t forget.

jewellers in the midlands


But you may be struggling for ideas this year, but we have the solution to your problem. We think jewellery in the best gift to give to someone on a special day. There’s a wide range of items that would make a great mother’s day gift such as gold chains, bracelets or a set of lovely earrings from a range of jewellery shops around the country.

So why not go that extra mile this year because it will be certainly worth it! Think how much your mum has done for you over the years so giving her a gift to remember this mothers day will really make it special.

Lose Weight – Less Training

Working hard to get that ideal body for the summer months is important  and people are regularly signing up to the gym since the new year to burn off those excess christmas pounds and get in shape for the holiday season.trx ropes


Training properly at the gym is as important to aiding weight loss as your diet is, but this is where so many people fall short. You can put all the effort under the sun into your training, but incorrect exercise methods and poor diet will lead to minimal if any gains at all.

The increasing use of a suspension trainer and TRX ropes in the gym has proven extremely popular and allows you to isolate specific parts of your body in your training and focus on these to gain maximum results.

Saved My Home

I came home the other day to a strange sound as I walked back through the front door, and then noticed one of the hallway lights had gone out – so I went upstairs to investigate. To my dismay I found one of the bedroom radiators gushing out with water and it obviously had been for quite some time as there was a huge puddle left over on the carpet in the room.

After speaking with a friend he gave me the number of a local plumber who he had previously had work done by and strongly recommended him to me, so I gave him a call as I heard they were emergency plumber specialists.

emergency plumbers wolverhampton

Fantastic service from them at they had an emergency plumber out to me in no time and he was extremely efficient in dealing with the problem swiftly. The price was very reasonable and I would also recommend CH Plumbing and Heating to anyone who needs services in Wolverhampton and surrounding areas.

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